The Gavins' Turnabout

Japanese Name

ガヴィンズ'ターンアバウト Gavu~inzu' tān'abauto


Visual Novel




Released episodically since June 2011


ESRB: E+10, Mature Themes

Prosecution's ready to rock!
Klavier Gavin

The Gavins' Turnabout (ガヴィンズ'ターンアバウト (Gavu~inzu' tān'abauto)) is a fan-made project directed by 303Seraph. It's about the possibility of how the encounters between the Gavin brothers would be in court. It does not take place in the official Ace Attorney universe time-line.


Each episode; Prosecuting the Turnabout, and Defending the Turnabout, have their own, and independant plot. As in, the plot of each episode is a separate universe; whatever happened in Prosecuting the Turnabout will not affect Defendingt the Turnabout.


  1. Prosecuting the Turnabout
  2. Defending the Turnabout

Main CharactersEdit

  • Klavier Gavin, District Prosecutor, returns as the main protagonist for Prosecuting the Turnabout. Will he uncover the truth behind this case?
  • Kristoph Gavin, Coolest Defense in the West, makes a comeback as the Defense for Defending the Turnabout. Can he uncover the shreds of darkness covering this case?

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