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A project that documents everything to do with the Ace Attorney Online case engine. The Wiki format allows anyone to create or edit an article, so feel free to help out and expand the database!

About Ace Attorney Online

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Ace Attorney Online (abbreviated as AAO) is a web-based case maker created by Unas and Spparrow. The multilingual site allows its registered members to create trials and allow others to play for free. The case maker and its trials are designed to work with Mozilla Firefox, but other standards compliant browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome and Opera may also work. Although the website and its forums were originally intended for French speakers, all necessary contents and forum posts have been translated into English. The English community has now grown importantly and is pretty active. People who want to create their own trials have to register first, for using the trial creation system is restricted to forum members only. Registration is the same as any other forum. The case maker works as a non-downloadable easy interface editor of sorts; everything is created and edited using an online interface. Full support for cross-examinations and investigations is also provided through the user-friendly interface. (more...)