The AAO Case Competion is a contest held by the sub-board's moderator each month to determine who is the best case maker of that month, then the winner hosts the next one.

When Theme Who made this Who won Who joined Not Joining
September A comedic Case Meph


(Wining Trial Showcase)

  • Chazethechat and Dypo
  • Admiral Canuck
  • Danielinhoni
  • Flare
  • Hodou Masaka
  • MilesEdgey
  • Mimi Mika
  • Moltor
  • Nevfx
  • That Guy
  • Trybien
  • Wackyman
  • Zeel1

The Night Of A Thousand Screams!



(Wining Trial Showcase)

  • Wackyman and his fearful Starr Power!
  • The abominable Admiral Canuck!
  • Mimi Mika, your fearsome ruler!
  • Moltor, with his monstrous name!
  • Trybien and SuperGanondorf - the match made in Hell!
  • The demonic Dypo!
  • Falco120, in all his frightfullness!
  • The sinister Hodou Masaka!
  • BBblader, who's primed to eviscerate!
  • Hold It!, who's ready to make you freeze in fear!
  • The Fury Wraith! (With a name like that, do I really need to give a scary description?)
  • Paradoxinparticles, who's prepared to cause THE VERY FABRIC OF EXISTENCE TO IMPLODE INTO ITSELF!
  • Singapore123, who felt the undying need to let us know he won't be participating... menacingly!
  • Meph, who just had to tell us he won't be taking part... maniacally!
  • Danielinhoni, who was too lazy to even type his own message, but still wanted to tease us by posting here only to let us know he won't be playing... viciously!
  • Quadratic, because he sucks at horror... like some sort of evil possessed vacuum cleaner!
  • Tap, who doesn't deserve a description. And he knows why.
  • Aceking v2, who I hope one day has a son! A handsome, beautiful, articulate son who's talented and a star athlete, and he has his legs taken away! I mean, I pray he knows that pain and that hurt!
  • Riw, who is a deserter. If this were the military, and he did this during wartime, it would be considered a horrendous offense for which would be punishable by death! But luckily for him, he didn't enlist when he entered this competition... OR DID HE?!
November A 'Fall'ing Turnabout Paradoxinparticles
  • BBblader
  • Hold it!
  • Wackyman
  • LilGav
  • Falco120
  • Dypo
  • Admiral Canuck
  • Mimi Mika
  • Diego and gotMLK7
  • The Fury Wraith
  • Chazethechat
  • Singapore123

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